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Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

The chair of the DNC plays an outsize part in determining the tone of the party's approach and helps to galvanize voter participation, all items that were in particular disarray this election cycle. We need strong leadership in this position moving forward from a Trump election. Keith Ellison is a progressive congressman backed by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and was the first Muslim-American ever in congress. You may have heard his name, and think that the powers that be would have gotten the message that the country is ready for a change after Hillary's defeat, but he's not in any way a shoe in for this position, if we want radical change we have to stand behind it.

What you can do

1. SIGN Bernie’s petition to the DNC
2. VOLUNTEER TO WORK ON THIS FURTHER We would like someone to spearhead this effort to move the Democratic party in a much more overtly liberal direction. Possibilities include contacting representatives and asking them to release a statement of support for Ellison. Since the chairman is selected by elected officials, putting pressure on them is key. If you have an idea or want to work on this project please email us with the subject "Keith Ellison." If Ilyse Hogue decides to run we will evaluate our support of her at that time...