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Tell Gov Kasich to Veto the Heartbeat Bill

Ohio just passed the "strictest time-based abortion law", the Heartbeat Bill, making abortion a felony after the fetus's heartbeat is detected, typically at six weeks. This is a long-term strategy focused on attacking reproductive freedom in a right-leaning Supreme Court and outlawing abortion nationally. This is not only about Ohio, and none of us can afford to let this pass without a fight. Men, this means you too!

What you can do

1: CALL Kasich and ask him to veto the Heart Beat Bill & the 20 week ban. 614-466-3555

2: EMAIL his office, using Naral's handy form.

3. SIGN this petition from NARAL

4: SUPPORT organizations on the ground: Ohio ACLU, Planned Parenthood & NARAL

USE THIS SCRIPT (make it your own & be polite!)
I am concerned about the passage of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill." This bill threatens the safety of Ohio women, was passed secretively and unconstitutionally, and violates a woman's right to choose. I implore Governor Kasich to use his line item veto against the bill.

The "Heartbeat Bill" makes abortion illegal after a heartbeat is detected, typically 6 weeks. This is so early that many women don't know they're pregnant, and too early to make the often difficult decision, find a clinic, make an appointment, get time off of work, save money, and go in for a procedure. The ban makes all abortion illegal, even in the case of rape or incest. For all intents and purposes, this is a full abortion ban. Ohio legislators also passed a second bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. Kasich has 10 days to veto both bills or they automatically become law. The Ohio legislators who created this bill cite Trump's election as their motivation. They see that and Republican control of all three branches of government as a mandate to pass extreme laws against reproductive freedom. Their long term strategy, if this passes, is that a court battle would ensue which could lead to the overturn of Roe v. Wade in a right leaning Supreme Court, outlawing abortion in the entire US. The first shot has been fired, and we must make it clear that we won't give up without a fight.