2 Hours A Week


Tell Paul Ryan Not to Dismantle Obamacare

Paul Ryan is conducting a phone poll on the ACA/Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), hoping to hear overwhelming popular opposition to it. Let's overwhelm him with support for the ACA instead.

What you can do

Paul Ryan: (202) 225-3031 or (202) 225-0600
You should hear an automated voice menu with options (listen carefully in case the options have changed):
• Press 2 to weigh in on the issue
• There will be a brief recording about HR-3762, Paul Ryan's proposal to gut the ACA, PRESS 1 to support Obamacare

*KEEP CALLING UNTIL YOU GET THE AUTOMATED VOICE MENU where the ACA survey is an option, they have been rerouting the phone tree constantly.

We want to explain our support in terms that everyone can understand, regardless of political leaning; we know everyone has a different experience.
• We firmly believe this policy to be one of Obama's greatest legacies and a gift to the country-many of us have experienced the benefits directly. Healthcare is not cheap, and onboarding an entire country to a system is a complex and bumpy road. The ACA should be honed and improved, not eliminated or slashed by conservatives who counter a policy based on the vague and incorrect notions that the poor are being given a handout and the ACA is a jobs killer.
• Obamacare is a net positive for the economy. US healthcare spending is the highest in the world: Obamacare aims to slow that.
• It does not put undue pressure on small businesses, since it doesn't require companies under the size of 50 to adhere to its policies.
• It helps all levels of income by eliminating the pre-existing conditions clause.