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Thanks to You, Facebook Will Now Announce Local Elections!

We are thrilled to announce that a petition we initiated and partnered with Flippable to sponsor has resulted in real change!

Do you remember back in November, when we asked you to sign this petition asking Facebook to implement election day reminders for all local and state elections? They already had voting reminders for the presidential election, and we asked them to step up their role in increasing civic engagement on their platform with this next step.

This past Monday, Facebook announced that they would implement this change as part of a "Town Hall" feature meant to facilitate users' engagement in their local politics!

We want to point out that a simple idea that starts with a few people, can blossom into a petition supported by 10,000 people, and ultimately create the change we want to see. Facebook listened! And just in time for the special election in Georgia!

What you can do

1. CELEBRATE your grassroots activism and tireless vigilance. We know it's hard, but it is working in ways it never has before. Thank you for all your work and support.

2. PETITIONS - We've all been signing them non-stop since the election, and it's hard to know when they're effective and when they're not. If you're thinking of starting one, read this good explainer for how and when they work. Here are some things petitions can do other than their primary ask:
They can send a signal of public opinion to a decision maker.
They tell the media there is enough public attention to do a story.
They build a list of people who are interested in an issue.
They can spur additional action and raise money.