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The Personal is Political: On July 29, Share Your Story With Our Country

Facts and figures don't change hearts and minds: personal connections and personal stories do.

On Saturday, July 29th, Americans are coming together all across the country to share their stories and say: OUR LIVES ARE ON THE LINE if Republicans pass Trumpcare and strip our health coverage.

Join us in person and online. Let's create a wall of stories that expose the heartlessness and economic folly of the current iteration of the healthcare plan.

What you can do

1. SHARE YOUR STORY IN PERSON - Join one of over 100 Our Lives On the Line events planned around the country this Saturday. Don't see an event and want to create one? They make it easy to host a successful event with this guide.

2. SHARE YOUR STORY ON TWITTER - Join the thousands of people sharing their personal stories and tag #HowTheACASavedMyLife.