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The skinny on why you should call today about the ACA

The Affordable Care Act isn't perfect - there are many ways to measure its success and its failures. But a few things are certain:

The ACA is being utilized & it is more popular than it ever has been.

Even centrist media outlets are calling out the rush to repeal.

Virtually everyone is affected by the ACA.

Even the administration admits the current plan would hurt its constituents.
Republicans may not believe that government should be involved in healthcare, but unfortunately for them, the idea that the middle class can currently afford healthcare without government intervention is a fiction.

Tell Republicans to stop grandstanding and do something to fix the Affordable Care Act, instead of throwing in the trash in the space of a few weeks something they had seven years to modify. They will make affordable healthcare even more out of reach if we don't make noise.

What you can do

1. Make a difference with a single phone call. Dial your reps and tell them you oppose the American Healthcare Act (that's the name of the Republicans' plan). (844-6-RESIST) 844-673-7478.

2. Ask your Facebook friends in states where Repubs are waffling on the legislation to do the same Type "Friends who live in Arkansas" and ask those friends to call their reps. Give them the above number. Repeat for the states Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio. Refer to Action 91 if they need a script.