2 Hours A Week


Urge the Electors to Not Elect Trump

There are seven days before the electoral college votes on December 19th. American intelligence agencies confirmed that Russia intervened in the US elections to elect Trump. While the discrepancy between the popular vote and the electoral college vote questions the legitimacy of our electoral college system, this act of foreign interference undermines the integrity of the entire election. Some Republican electors are already pledging not to vote for Trump. We need to tell the other members that this election was not legitimate, and to join in voting against Trump.

What you can do

1. GO to makedemocracymatter.org to find the email, phone number and social media contact for all red state electors. If you are from one of these red states, start there.

2. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET & FACEBOOK message them. Use this great list of electors with notes on their stances and responses as a guide. Contact them by as many means possible.

3. PROTEST at your state capital on December 19th. Go here for more info.

USE THIS SCRIPT (make it your own & be polite!)
Hi, I’m reaching out to urge you to exercise your right to not vote for Donald Trump. It may seem presumptive of me to ask you how to fulfill your electoral duty, but please consider two important factors before casting your vote. American intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia interfered in the US election with the goal of electing Donald Trump, and this act alone has de-legitimized the validity of his election. Secondly, The Democratic candidate won the popular vote by 2.84 million votes. That is a win margin larger than 11 previously elected presidents. Clinton is the clear choice of the people who voted, and it is your duty as an elector to honor the choice of the people.

A new report out by the CIA this past week, confirmed that Russia intervened in the US election to help get Trump elected. Russia will have helped to elect the most pro-Russian US president to have as its ally. This is a wholly unprecedented act and it is unacceptable to allow a foreign country to interfere with US elections, and achieve their intended result.