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Virginia Matters This November

Virginia is the only state that has critical elections in 2017. There are up to 100 state legislature seats up for election in November, with 17 of those currently Republican seats deemed flippable, thus flipping Virginia's House.

Why should you care about Virginia if you don't live there? State legislatures are the pathway to how larger national elections play out. In 2009 Republicans knew that whoever controlled the state legislatures would redraw the new state district maps, so they went to work gaining control on the state level. States are now where restrictive voting laws and gerrymandering happen setting the stage for midterm and presidential elections.

Secondly Republicans are only one state away from being able to call a constitutional convention, where they would be able to re-write the constitution!

If we can flip Virginia's house, we can stop gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws there and eventually flip congress durign the midterm elections. Early voting has already started in Virginia. See below for actions!

What you can do

1. VISIT whyvamatters2017.com for all the background info you need on why, who, where, when. They have info on all 17 candidates and their campaigns, as well as media kits for why these elections matter.