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Where's There's Smoke...There Should Be An Independent Investigation

America needs an independent investigation into the matter - not only a special prosecutor, but the gold standard of a 9-11-style commission. We do NOT need an investigator appointed by Sessions that can be manipulated, sidelined, suffocated - or fired.

Read this quick, simple guide to the three different options for an investigation into the Trump-Russia connection going forward: how they’re appointed, which powers they have, and, crucially, which ones they don’t.

Find out every Senator and Representative's public position here.

What you can do

CALL your members of Congress at 202-225-3121 and ask that they demand the following:

1. A Bi-partisan independent 9/11 style commission with subpoena power to investigate Trump, his businesses, administration's and advisor's ties to Russia. (We must not rely on special congressional committees to do this work.)

2. A Special independent counsel with the power to prosecute based on the findings of the commission (but don't rely only on this). Because the commission itself will not have power to prosecute.

3. A new FBI director who will operate independently and not under the thumb of the White House.